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Mission Care Statement

At Mission Care, we are centered around the Mission of Customer Service.
As we enter our building every day, we are on a Mission as leaders, friends, confidants, comforters, solace and performers.
We have challenging task and convey huge shoulders as we are continually watched; we must assure that we are dependably on our best behavior.
Our everyday focus is Customer Service, because it emphasizes our Mission.
Attention is focused on people’s demeanor, therefore; it is vital that we are smiling, saying hello, asking the right questions to ensure that the residents are happy and their needs are being meet.
It’s fundamental that we center around the resources available to carry out our Mission.
At Mission Care it is our obligation to make sure our residences are happy and to help uplift their spirit.
Customer Service is key to our success. It is vital to resident’s satisfaction, team building, employees and census retention.
Let’s make Mission Care a place where people want to be a part of our team, and the community knows they can count on Mission Care Center for the care of their loved ones.

Cathy Jimmons

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