February 2020 Calendar

February 2
2pm Snack & Chat
Family Visits

February 6
10am Nail Care
3pm Quilting Class (time subject to change)

February 10
9:30am Bible Study w/ Rev. Richardson
6pm Oliver Chapel MBC

February 14
10am Musical Jam Mix
2pm Valentine’s Sweetheart Party

February 18
10:30am Balloon Volleyball
2pm Shuffle Card BINGO Leisure of Choice

February 22
11am National Back Home Services
Family Visits

February 26
10:30am Memory Recall
3:30pm Music w/ Brother Hector & Brother Higinio

February 29
10am Patio Social
2pm Movie & Popcorn

February 2020 Memory Care Calendar

February 1
10:AM Family Visit
3:PM Group

February 5
10:AM Memory Stimulation
2:PM Rev/.Earl Jone W/MT Calvary

February 9
10:AM Spiritual outlook
10:30 Spiritual outlook

February 13
10:AM Fun&Games
3:PM Group Exercise

February 17
9:30 Bible Study W/Rev:Richardson
3:PM Art& Crafts

February 21
10:AM Musical Jam Mix
1:PM Relaxing Time

February 25
10:AM Memory Stimulation
10:30 Music W/ Helena Hellito
3:PM Group

February 28
9:AM Relaxing Time
2:PM Prayer Partner in Praise