Happy New Year! 2021

January 8 at 10:30am
Resident Council Meeting

January 20 at 2pm
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration
2021 Reliant Year of Wellness

January 24 – January 30
Activity Professional Week

January 29
Resident & Staff Birthday Celebration

Every Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday
Social Distance BINGO at 2pm

Music & Memory Program

Worship Wednesday at 7:30am

Books on Tape Program

Blast from the Past Music Hour

Jersey Day Coming

Staff Movie Night Coming Soon

Please call to schedule:
Virtual Phone Calls, Zoom Calls (ZOOM App), Outdoor Visits or Window Visits

Intercom Lunch Prayer Every Day
at 11:30am

One to One in Rooms for Stimulation daily

Chef Selection Meal & Meal of the Month