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Shout Out To the Therapy Department!

Our fall festival and therapy carnival was so much fun. The residents, staff and family members had such a blast. The therapy carnival was such a success; we decided to keep some of the games that were very popular with our residents, in the gym as activities. We invite all of our therapy patients who enjoyed the Putt Putt Golf, Ring Toss, and The Basketball Shoot to revisit their favorite carnival game during their next therapy session. A special thanks to all of the staff here at Mission Care for assisting our patients during the carnival and making sure they got the full experience despite their limitations. The key to staying active and maintaining your health is to find things to do that you enjoy that highlight your strengths while working on your weaknesses. The cold weather is here and the therapy department is ready to warm up our Mission Care patients with some fun exercises and mobility activities. We are looking forward to working with the activities department on some upcoming events. Stay tuned!

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