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Therapy Success Story

Mr W arrived at Mission Care center 5/30/19 with a pleasant face but with decreased strength, endurance and inability to walk. He was in pain at 8/10 and did not want to aggravate the pain and make it worse due to his left lower extremity fracture. He required Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy due to the following deficits Dressing Upper body contact Guard Assistance, Lower Body Moderate Assistance, Toileting Total Assistance, Bathing Moderate Assistance, Grooming / Hygiene Minimal Assistance , Self Feeding Independent and Both Upper Body strength was Fair Minus, Standing Poor, Transfers Moderate Assistance,Lower extremity strength Fair Minus. Left lower extremity had inadequate hip extension, pelvis rotation, toe clearance, trunk extension impaired coordination and reduced functional activity. He also had deficits in problem solving, sequencing and deductive reasoning

The Occupational , Physical and Speech Therapist worked with Mr. W. to increase strength, ROM Activities of daily living, waling, coordination decreased pain with pain management and being sure he was receiving his pain medication timely to attend therapy. Mr. W. began to require less assistance and was even rolling his wheelchair to attend therapy without being asked to come to the Therapy Department.

Mr. W. was a quiet man that was Happy to go home and especially since he gain so much in therapy. Upon discharge Mr. W. improved in the following Toileting Moderate Independent, Dressing Lower Body Stand By Assistance, Upper Body Dressing Supervision, Upper Extremity strength Fair plus, left and Right Lower extremity strength Fair, Pain decreased to 3/10, Transfers Supervision, Ambulation from none to 175 feet with a rolling Walker, Problem solving , sequencing and deductive reasoning became Mild assistance.

Mr. W was a soft spoken man that was motivated and discharged back home able to function in his daily Activities with the assistance of Mission Care Therapy Department. He Thanked all the Therapist Helping to achieve His goals prior to his discharge from Mission Care Center.

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