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Therapy Success Story

A Great Patient Advocate and a Lady with a strong will to do for self, Mrs. G. began Rehab on 5/11/2020 receiving Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy. She was limited in the following areas : Dressing Upper Body – Moderate Assistance, Lower Body – Moderate Assistance, Upper Extremity strength 3/5, Hygiene and Grooming – Minimal Assistance, Both Lower Extremity Strength 3/5, Bed Mobility – Maximal Assistance and Ambulation Maximal Assistance but is able to wheel self around Independently. Mrs. G also worked on memory and problem solving to keep her as Independent as possible. She was happy to participate and said to ask for more Therapy. She would do extra exercises in her room and encouraged everyone to do your therapy because ever bit helps. Mrs. G. was able to complete her Therapy on 6/14/2020 and here is her progress:

She procures all of her item for bathing, dressing, grooming and hygiene at Supervision. Dressing Upper Body – Stand By Assist and Lower Body – Contact Guard Assistance, Both Upper Extremity strength 3/ 5, Hygiene and Grooming Bed Mobility Modified Independent, Both Lower Extremity strength 3/5, Bed Mobility Modified independent. Mrs. G. progress was very good for such a short time in Rehab. During this process in Therapy she also was able to stand and begin walking for about 4 feet rest and walk another 2 feet. Mrs. G. had not walked at all in about 10 years due to her knee contractions, weakness, and pain. “I would Like to stay in Therapy so that I can get to walking more and I feel much better after doing my Therapy.”

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