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Therapy Success Story – Mr. D.

Mr. D is Mission Care’s latest success story. We got to meet him after he experienced some health issues and was admitted to Mission Care Center. As an Army veteran, retired from the electricity company and retired school district employee, Mr. D. was no stranger to hard work. He previously lived alone, was very independent and rarely asked anyone to help him do anything. That characteristic became a barrier for Mr. D. Once he began therapy services he realized how much help he really needed. He was a strong man, but his body was still in recovery mode. Each task he was asked to do, he tried to move too fast while doing it. His therapist reminded him to take his time. It really showed how eager Mr. D. was to get well. He would come down to the therapy gym to do extra exercises after he had already finished for the day. The staff members would walk by his room and notice him laying in bed doing leg and arm exercises. Mr. D. also had strong family support. His visitors would come by and encourage him to continue with his progress. Before long, the therapy team had upgraded goals several times for Mr. D. and he continued to reach them each week. One day, the social worker came to one of Mr. D.’s therapy sessions and wanted to discuss his discharge plans. This was good news! He was ready to go home.

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